Great People Who Spread Islam in The Land of Uncle Sam

Being a muslim in America is not an easy matter. Otherwise shunned because it is considered a terrorist henchmen Yes treated is not good. Islam is regarded as something alien. Like a cancer cell that slowly invade the body and cause someone threatened his soul. Muslims are considered a disease that will damage America as a whole.

Although considered as such, Muslims in America remain trying to run all of its obligations. They don't care about the tudingan though in some ways also were injured. Treated with not good just because there are persons who do bad things.

Oh yes, by the way of Islam in America. It turns out that the spread of these minority religions has been around since the 18th century. For three centuries, this became the majority religion propagated by great people who want to bring a blessing on the land of the Indians. These great people who spread Islam in America.

1. The Bilali Muhammad

Bilali Muhammad is one of the inhabitants of the African continent who spread Islam by the very persistent in America. He learns many things including Arabic writings, Hadith, tafseer, Shariah law dah. From his knowledge of this, Bilali who originally were merely slaves sold in America can rise to become a useful person to the society.

Oh yes, in addition to being spreaders of Islam in America in the late 18th century. Bilali was also an intellectual who feared. He once wrote a journal given to his partner before he died. The journal was eventually translated by Al-Azhar University, Egypt and became one of the strong evidence of the spread of Islam in America.

2. Yarrow Mamout

Yarrow Mamout was already a slave since he was 16 years old. He was brought from Guinea, Africa to become servants for wealthy families in America. After the family who bought it so the slave died, he was freed and became a resident who is not bound with other people. In fact, she began to lead a business from money gathered.

Yarrow Mamout arguably as slaves free which is pretty successful. He is seen as someone who is very good to be able to have land and workers. To spread Islam, he often holds certain events that many people are interested in and eventually converted to Islam without forcing them first.

3. Ayuba Suleiman Diallo

Ayuba Suleiman Diallo was one of proselytizers in America who comes from the region of Senegal. Since childhood she has become a slave for several years. From being a slave he transformed into a fabulous because it learned a lot after the souls imprisoned earlier for being a slave.

In addition to spreading Islam both directly and indirectly. Ayuba wrote his life story into a memoir. He tells anything experienced by a slave who don't have anything and are entitled to be treated with no good because they have ' stuff ' that is purchased.

4. Abdulrahman Ibrahin Ibn Sori

Ibrahin Abdulrahman Ibn Sori is a Prince who berasak from the Timbo, Africa. He was the son of King Sorry ever came to power. During life, Ibrahin Abdulrahman Ibn Sori never became a warlord before becoming slaves because of his defeat when ambushed by enemy soldiers. He eventually became the slaves of Thomas Foster in Mississipi.

After 40 years of being a slave, Abdulrahman Ibn Sori Ibrahin freed. Before being released, he had time to write a letter with Arabic to his family in West Africa. Beruntunglah the letter was read by the Sultan of Morocco who eventually protested to then-American President, John Quincy, to liberate Abdulrahman Ibrahin Ibn Sori.

This is the great people who spread Islam in America. Although they were originally a slave of a master, the struggle to live and propagate Islam still do. Salute!

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